Company Profile

KNK stationery is a stationery suppliar with high quality of office and school items. It was founded in 2020 in Jakarta, Indonesia. KNK stationery always take stable quality, competitive price and many varians items. KNK stationery reasonable market place policies, market demand, prompt after sales service systems, and also can accepted by all of stationery customers. Base on market place demand we can provides special requirement with advand standart. KNK stationery focus to distribute a range of stationery product such as Stapler, Staples, Clips, Arch File, Correction Tape, Tape Dispenser, Desk Set, Glue, Index, Sticky Note, Bag, Document Keeper, Cutter, Scissor, Pen, Pensil, Ruler, Eraser, Gun Tacker, Crayon, Color Pensil, Writing Instrument, Photo Paper, Sticker Paper, Tape and many stationery unique design. KNK stationery has build partnership with some factory in Indonesia and abroad with production strictly to produce with premium quality with brand KNK. In God We Trust to be our value since company established and will improve higher in the future with premium quality. 

Now any customers can find KNK stationery in Modern Market, Traditional Market, Copy Center , and also Tools Shop

Vision and Mission


1. Premium Quality is Priority Value, 

2. Even distribution of products

3. Market leading stationery company

4. Customers satisfaction

5. Employee welfare

6. Innovation product


Global distribution , customer satisfaction and premium quality

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